Fun Stuff to do at the Fairgrounds

Rides, Rides & More Rides

CLICK HERE 2016 Fair Entertainment Schedule

America’s only “railroad carnival,” the fabulous James E. Strates Shows is in Augusta at the Georgia-Carolina State Fair to provide fair goers with numerous spectacular thrill rides, as well as great “family rides” like the ones shown in these pictures taken on the midway. All the rides are extremely popular with folks of all ages. These clean, beautiful rides are constantly maintained by Strates Shows to provide fun in a safe environment.
Strates Shows has brought 38 Rides to this year’s Fair. Click Here for the List of Rides.

Entertainment in the Pavillion

The Pavilion (inside the Fairgrounds near near the Hale Street Gate) is a large building where there is always a lot going on.  The Miss Fair Pageant is held in the Auditorium in the Pavillion on the first Saturday evening of the Fair.  Youth and Young Adult Talent competitions are held Monday through Friday, and the Talent Finals are on the second Saturday of the Fair.  Both of these events are enormously popular and well worth attending.  Admission is free for Patrons.

 There are always other events going on.  Check the Entertainment calendar to see what they are.

These young folks enjoyed the fun when there was a large video game display in the Pavillion.

Daily Entertainment Schedule

In addition to the renown James E. Strates Shows and the fabulous carnival rides and shows, each year the Georgia-Carolina State Fair has numerous Entertainment Specials which run on various days during the Fair.  See above for general information on these specials and for the dates and times that they run. Be sure to check back regularly, as the list will be updated when new events are added and times for shows are set.


This is the third year for Boxing at the Fair, and it will again be held in the Pavilion. Bouts begin with the 8-year olds and continued up to 18-year olds. Rounds are short, so there were plenty of fights to see. There are great crowds, so you can see how big boxing has grown in Augusta. As in the past, this year the bouts will again be held in the Pavilion. However, they will be held beginning at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 19.


School Kids Special

As a special treat to the elementary school students at schools around the area, the Georgia-Carolina State Fair hosted over 1,200 children for tours of the Fairgrounds in the mornings before the gates opened. This gave them a chance to see cows, pigs, and goats up close; and they also got to see many of the exhibits such as art, photography, china painting, models, and youth crafts. They were treated to a hay-ride around the Fairgrounds and had to watch out for the escaped lion. Here are a few pictures of the kids enjoying the trip.

Jeff Hadden, who races on the Dirt Track Circuit, brought a race car to the Fairgrounds and let the visiting school kids see what a real race car is like. The kids loved it and so did the parents who accompanied them.
School kids, with the help of their teachers, sent
messages to the Fair Office, thanking the Fair for hosting the kids. This is just one of many that the Fair received. From the smiles on the faces of the kids in the pictures above, to the amazement of the parents of what all goes on behind the scenes at the Fair, everyone had fun; and it turned into a learning experience as well. Everyone became winners.
One lady wrote: “I was just so impressed with the guys who were running the hayride tours. They were funny and energetic and totally patient with the groups of crazy kiddos. I actually learned a lot about the fair and the fairgrounds myself. I caught my son telling my younger daughter all about the origins of the ‘Cukoo Haus’ when we had dinner later that night, and those kids are STILL talking about the ‘escaped lion’.. PRICELESS!”

World Record Bumper Car Ride

It isn’t often that world records are set, but the lady in this picture did just that. She set a world record for riding the bumper cars – 26 hours. A crew came to the Georgia-Carolina State Fair and filmed her, timed her, and made sure she complied with all the rules; and now she holds the world record for continuously riding the bumper cars.