Services Available at the Fairgrounds

Admission Gates

One Admission Gate is located inside the Parking Lot on Fourth Street and one Admission Gate is located on Hale Street. Admission tickets and All-Day-Ride-All-Rides tickets are available at either Gate. Advance Tickets

Advance tickets for the Fair will be available at various locations around the CSRA.  Click Here for a list of where Advance Tickets may be purchased.


There are ATM’s at various locations throughout the Fairgrounds.

Commercial Exhibits

Located in the Commercial Exhibits Building on the Third Street side of the Fairgrounds, near the Hale Street entrance. A huge display by Best Buy of video and audio equipment, including games is available and is interactive for the public to enjoy. A food vendor is in the building for convenience.

Community Exhibits

Located in the Community Exhibits Building on the Third Street side of the Fairgrounds. Exhibits in this building include Art, China Painting, Home Crafts, Models, Needlework, and Photography.

Fair Office

The Fair Office is located at the Hale Street Gate.

Fire Department

The Richmond County Fire Department is located at the Fourth Street Gate.

First Aid

Located at the Fourth Street Gate. An EMT is available to assist with minor medical problems and an ambulance is available in case of emergency.

Food Booths

There are numerous Food Booths operated by commercial vendors all over the Fairgrounds, selling such items as Oriental Foods, Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Polish Sausages, French Fries, Popcorn, Funnel Cakes, Pizza, Candy Apples, and Ice Cream.


Need to know who, what, where and when, ask any Augusta Exchange Club Member. They are all wearing badges that identify them, and they will be happy to help.

Livestock Exhibit

Located in the Livestock Exhibit Building on Third Street, directly across the midway from the Fourth Street Gate.  Lost and Found

Located at the Fair Office, just inside the Hale Street Gate.

Lost Child – Lost Parent Center

Located at the Fair Office, just inside the Hale Street Gate.

Lottery Tickets

The Georgia Lottery operates one ticket booth on the Fairgrounds, just inside the Fourth Street Gate, to sell Georgia Lottery Tickets to Fair Patrons over 18 years of age. Click Here to visit the Georgia Lottery website.


Parking operated by the Exchange Club of Augusta is located on Fourth Street, between Hale Street and Laney-Walker Blvd. It is policed by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Department. There are other parking lots, within walking distance of the Fairgrounds, operated by other organizations and individuals, and these may or may not be secure.

Police Department

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Department is located at the Fourth Street Gate. Uniformed and plain clothes officers are patrolling the grounds at all times.


There are four locations inside the Fairgrounds: at the Fourth Street Gate, at the corner of Fourth Street and Laney-Walker Blvd., at the corner of Third Street and Laney-Walker Blvd, and at the corner of Third Street and Hale Street.


Taxicabs are available directly outside the Hale Street Gate and outside the Fourth Street Gate Parking Lot.


Pay phones are located in the Commercial Building, which on the Third Street side of the Fairgrounds near the Hale Street Gate.

Ticket Booth

Booths are available at numerous points inside the Fairgrounds to purchase individual ride tickets or All-Day-Ride-All-Rides tickets.