Opening the Fair

The Train Arrives

The James E. Strates train arrived in Augusta delivering the rides for the Carnival part of the Fair. Strates is the only “railroad carnival” still active in the US. It is quite a spectacle to see this tremendously long train roll into Augusta and unload at the Fairgrounds.

Exhibits Arrive

These pictures show the many people working at the Fairgrounds during the week before the Fair begins, setting up the numerous exhibits, accepting entries, judging them, and putting them on display. Here Betty English is assisting with art entries.

Below are pictures of other entires being displayed in some of the other Exhibit areas. On the left is the China Painting Exhibit and on the right is the Models Exhibit.

Opening the Fair

Fair openingThis picture was taken at the opening of the 2014 Georgia Carolina State Fair, with Exchange Club President Charlie Anderson cutting the ribbon with Mayor-elect Hardie Davis, Sheriff Richard Roundtree, Chamber of Commerce President Sue Parr, and other members and friends of the Exchange Club of Augusta.



A line of folks wait on the opening bell for the beginning of the Fair. The weather is perfect, the rides fun, the price is right, and the exhibits exciting. It all makes for a great Fair, which in turn makes for great donations from the Fair to the many charities in the Augusta area that benefit.

Police Protection on the Scene